Ultimate D Cold-Flo Winter Protection for your Diesel Fuel

Ultimate D Cold-Flo Winter Protection for your Diesel Fuel

Domestic Fuels & Lubes now offers the Ultimate Year-Round Protection for your fleet

Building on the successful 2021 launch of Domestic Fuel & Lubes' Ultimate D Premium diesel fuel, we're proud to add Ultimate D Cold-Flo to our advanced additive program. We've partnered with Advanced Fuel Solutions, a preeminent fuel quality solutions company to bring you and your fleet the latest generation cold flow technology, making winter issues a thing of the past.

The delivery of Ultimate D Cold-Flo will take the guess work and hassle out of treating individual trucks and storage tanks. Your fuel will arrive treated at the proper dose rate, ensuring your fleet gets total protection from icing and wax crystals and maximizing up-time.

Exceptional cold weather performance

Ultimate D Cold-Flo is formulated to enhance cold weather performance of all diesel powered equipment with special emphasis on equipment that experiences extended periods of shutdown. New and improved for winter fuels, Ultimate D Cold-Flo will deliver exceptional cold weather performance when and where required.

In addition, Ultimate D Cold-Flo may be continuously or batch blended into diesel fuel as a concentrate or as a stock solution. Proper blending and handling procedures must be followed due to the nature of all low tenperature operability additives.

Blend the additive with the fuel at temperatures at least 10F degrees above the cloud point of the fuel. Ensure the additive is at or above the minimun handling temperatures to avoid potential performance issues. Verify that the additive is completely dissolved into the fuel.


Enhanced Wax Modifier


  • Keeps wax crystals small
  • Reduces cold filter plugging
  • Lowers fuel pour point by 8F-12F


  • Significantly reduced use of kero blends
  • Less filter changes / less engine downtime
  • Keeps fuel flowing in extreme cold

Proprietary Wax Anti-Settling Agent Additive (WASA)


  • Suspends wax crystals in diesel fuel for up to 96 hours


  • Easier cold weather start-ups during prolonged engine shut-down

Contains a Jet Fuel Deicer


  • Helps prevent fuel system from icing up


  • Controls moisture in the fuel

Works well in many types of distillate base fuel stocks


  • Effective in biodiesel blends


  • Only need to inventory one additive

Our Proprietary Wax Anti-Settling Agent (WASA)

Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) is prone to gelling in cold weather meaning the solidification of ULSD into a partially crystalline state. A percentage of the fuel contains wax (paraffin) molecules. The more wax in the fuel, the higher the BTU value. However, exessive wax in fuel causes cold temperature operating problems.

Below the Cloud point, fuel begins to develop solid wax particles, giving it a cloudy appearance and if the temperature is sufficiently low, enough heavy wax platelets will form to block the fuel filter creating fuel starvation and resultant down-time.

Wax Anti-Settling Agent (WASA)

Get ahead of cold weather performance issues for all diesel-powered equipment applications, with special emphasis on equipment subjected to extended shutdowns. Call Domestic today!

Protect Your Equipment All Winter Long with Cold-Flo

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