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Pump & Tank Equipment Loans Available from Richmond to Raleigh and All Points in Between

With our own in-house pump and tank team and complete on-site setup, Domestic Fuels & Lubes can provide peace of mind and ensure that your projects run smoothly

Domestic Fuels & Lubes offers the convenience of on-site fueling equipment on loan and on-demand to our customers across southeastern VA and northeastern NC. We've partnered with leaders in the industry to deliver high quality double-walled tanks from 500-6000 gallons. These tanks come equipped with either a 115-volt or 12-volt pump and containment pan if needed.

Access to fuel...


Ultimate D


everywhere you need it!






TransCube fuel tank from Domestic Fuels & Lubes in VA and NC
Alemite, American Lubrication and Fill-Rite
Graco, Smartlogix, innospec, Transcube from Domestic in VA and NC

Quality Products and Superior Service Mean You'll Never Run Out of Fuel on Your Jobsite Again

Plus, you won't have to guess how much is left in your tank! Click here to learn more about our fuel tank monitoring programs.

Get pump & tank equipment you need for safe, reliable fuel storage on your jobsite!

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