Chevron Delo On-Highway Motor Oil and Lubricant Distributor

Choose Chevron Delo® Lubricants for the Toughest On-Highway Transportation Jobs in VA and NC including Trucking, Trash Hauling, Towing, Service Vans & Buses

If you operate a trucking company, a waste management firm with a trash hauling fleet, a service business with multiple delivery vehicles, or a fleet of municipal buses that stop-and-go all day, every day, through neighborhoods and city streets around Hampton Roads, Delo® is the answer to your fleet's lubricant needs.

Domestic Fuels & Lubes has the lubricants and know-how to answer any fleet or owner/operator’s concerns. Whether your fleet consists of cars, trucks, buses, or vans, Domestic Fuels & Lubes offers a wide range of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional lubricants for today's heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engines from Chevron Delo®. In addition to engine oils, Domestic Fuels & Lubes also stocks transmission fluids, gear oils, greases, extended life coolants, and DEF and delivers on-time when you need them.

Chevron Delo® Oil Distributor Across Southeastern Virginia and North Carolina

As a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer we offer a full range of high-quality, brand-name products supported by one of the largest petroleum companies in the world. In North America, the Chevron family of products includes Delo®, Havoline, Supreme, Ursa, and Techron which are noted for superior quality, performance and innovation in lubricant engineering.

Short stop-and-go trips or long-distance driving? Domestic can help!

PC-11 is now CK-4 / FA-4

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High-Quality Conventional and Synthetic Chevron Delo® Motor Oils and Lubricants

Chevron Delo Isosyn Advanced Technology Motor Oil from Domestic Fuels

Save with Chevron Delo® Lubricants

Through a reliability lubrication survey (RbL™) of your fleet, Domestic Fuels & Lubes can show you how Chevron Delo® Lubricants can maximize your fleet's bottom line. Whether it's showing value through extending drains to keep your fleet on the road and generating more revenue- or- maximizing the life of your equipment, we can show you proven strategies to save your fleet time and money in your lubrication program.

Delo® Synthetic Motor Oils and Fluids

We also specialize in supplying synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils and transmission and drive train fluids that can reduce fuel consumption in your vehicles and lower your operating cost. By analyzing your lubricant needs and recommending the right synthetic oils, Domestic Fuels can help you save 1-3% in fuel consumption - which might not sound like a lot until you think of it in terms of adding 1-3% to your bottom line.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Ocean Blue from Domestic Fuels & Lubes

Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Supplier

One important product we supply has become mandatory for 2007 and newer commercial diesel motors: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a water-based Urea solution that scrubs nitrogen oxide pollutants from diesel exhaust. These harmful chemicals are central to the depletion of ozone and the formation of harmful smog - and as government regulations have tightened, Domestic Fuels has become the go-to source for DEF and technical know-how to help businesses comply with ever-more stringent diesel engine emission requirements.

So, if you are a business or a government agency that operates fleets of vehicles to deliver people, products, services, or all of the above, Domestic Fuels & Lubes can help you keep your fleets humming, day after day, year in and year out.

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Protect your trucks, buses and trash hauling fleet with Chevron Delo®

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