Payment Plans to Help Manage Fuel Costs

Domestic Fuels & Lubes offers sensible plans to help you manage your fuel costs. You can arrange automatic payment, using a transfer from your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit or debit card with any plan.

Domestic Accepts Mastercard Visa and Discovery Credit Cards
SmartPay Plan for Home Heating Oil Domestic

A SmartPay Plan

Winter can put a heavy load on your household budget for a few months every year. Rather than pay all those heating bills during winter, you can take control with the SmartPay plan from Domestic Fuels & Lubes.

When you choose our SmartPay plan, your estimated annual fuel bill is spread over even payments so you don't get hit with the bulk of your heating costs all at once. SmartPay can cut your winter heating bills in half! If you use a little more fuel than estimated, we'll adjust your monthly invoice; if there is still a balance at the end of the year, we'll settle up then. On the other hand, if your fuel use is lower than our estimate, you'll have a credit on your account.

The total established cost of fuel can be budgeted into 10 equal monthly payments (September-June). Service Plan(s) can be included in payments. July is our settlement month. Any outstanding balance is due by July 31st. Credit balances will roll over into the new budget year unless you request a refund. For your convenience, we review the status of your budget account in February to check our projected figures and make adjustments if it appears your payments are either too high or too low. This helps keep any balance due as low as possible.

Prompt Payment Discount

Domestic Fuels & Lubes retail oil customers take 10 cents off the price of every gallon for customers who pay their bills within 10 days. (Certain restrictions may apply. Please call for details.)

Struggling to manage your fuel costs?

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