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DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)

Always on the cutting-edge, Domestic Fuels & Lubes strives to infuse new technologies into their services

This practice continues with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) service. Domestic Fuels & Lubes was named the exclusive dealer for Blue Sky DEF in Virginia. This EPA-mandated diesel fuel supplement will now be available through Domestic for all diesel-powered businesses and fleets. Domestic Fuels & Lubes will offer DEF fleet delivery, storage tanks and dispensing equipment.

A Clear Choice for Clean Air

Blue Sky DEF is a diesel exhaust fluid designed to meet the needs of all new 2010 diesel engine powered vehicles using SCR technology. Blue Sky DEF reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 90% and improves fuel efficiency by 5%. It is a simple-to-use, low-cost, clean solution for meeting the new 2010 EPA Clean Air requirements.

Blue Sky Diesel Exaust Fluid

Easy Solutions

Blue Sky DEF is available in the right size to meet your unique needs:

•  Patented-dispensing and spill-proof 1/2 gallon bottles for 2010 diesel pass cars and SUVs

•  2.5 gallon jugs with/without dispensing nozzles

•  55 gallon drums

•  275 gallons IBC Totes

•  Mini-bulk stations from 800 to 2700 gallon, fully self-contained, above ground systems

•  Stand-alone pumping stations for both above and below-ground installations

•  Complete line of dispensing hardware, plumbing and accessory equipment to compliment
    or enhance container dispensing

•  One Gallon Bottle packaged 4/1 gallon per case

Quality is Guaranteed

Blue Sky DEF is produced according to ISO 22241 standards. It is also certified by the American Petroleum Institute.

Purity of diesel exhaust fluid is important to maintaining a functioning SCR system. Any chemical impurity in DEF can lead to failure of a SCR system. That is why it is very important to use only DEF products that meet ISO 22241 standards. Blue Sky meets the ISO 22241 standards as well as the American Petroleum Institute’s own measure of quality. Blue Sky ensures a quality product with an extensive, redundant quality management process.

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